Thursday, January 26, 2012

Press Release: 2011 Kimberley Cetacean Report Released


Kimberley Whale Watching has just released their 2011 Kimberley Cetacean Report 2011.  The report highlights the importance of the Dampier Peninsula and the Kimberley's outer shoals and reefs to the Breeding Stock D population of Humpback whales.

Breeding Stock D is thought to be the world's largest population of whales and undertakes and annual migration from the frigid waters of the Antarctic to the Kimberley's warm tropical waters to mate and give birth.

Richard Costin of Kimberley Whale Watching says "the Commonwealth Government should reassess its priorities and the boundaries for the proposed Kimberley Marine Reserve, and extend the boundaries along the Dampier Peninsula south to Eco Beach and upgrade the classification to IUCN 2.

"This is essential" Mr Costin says "to provide protection for the main breeding grounds for the Breeding Stock D population of Humpback whales.

The report is available for download from Kimberley Whale Watching's website:


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