Monday, March 12, 2012

Kuri Bay: True luxury on a remote Australian coast

From Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Kimberley Coast – With only three rooms and a completely off-the-beaten path location in northwestern Australia, Kuri Bay is set to become one of the most exclusive wilderness lodges on the Kimberley Coast. An almost two-hour seaplane ride from Broome delivers guests to a pristine outpost that was once home to the country’s oldest pearling company. Excursions to see hump-back whales, ancient cave art, and the horizontal waterfalls of Montgomery Reef trump any extraneous five-star frills (rooms don’t have TVs, telephones or air conditioning). Meals feature freshly caught fish, pearl meat and fine Australian wines. At $4,799 (Aus.) a person for a four-night all-inclusive package, staying at this remote hideaway doesn’t come cheaply.

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