Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strong demand for WA Seafood this Easter

By Matt Brann and Stephen Stockwell, ABC online Thursday, 05/04/2012 Western Australian seafood companies are enjoying strong demand for their product heading into the Easter long-weekend. Marine Produce Australia, which runs a barramundi farm off the Kimberley coast, will supply 25 tonnes of fish to markets right across Australia. Head of marketing, Jason Simpson, says demand will easily outstrip supply. "Like any fish produce for Easter it's all hands on deck," he says. "We'll basically harvest 25 tonnes for Easter and if we had the fish, we'd easily double that, no problem whatsoever." "We unfortunately have to tell our customers that we can't really do much extra this week." Prawn trawlers in Shark Bay have come back to port just in time for Easter. Graeme Stewart from the local Prawn Trawler Operators Association, says at the moment there's a lot of smaller sized prawns in the fishery. "The is a more than normal amount of smaller sized prawns, and so we've gone and caught the largest prawns and the trawlers will have a break to allow the rest to catch up in size," he says. Mr Stewart reckons customers can't go past a good King Prawn this Easter. "If you're going to have seafood have the best is my view, a few King Prawns on the BBQ or however you like, it's just impossible to beat."

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